Use Built-in id() Method to Determine the Memory Address of the Object

Mridu Bhatnagar
InstructorMridu Bhatnagar

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Published 4 months ago
Updated 4 months ago

Built-in id() method determines the memory address of the object in Python. Knowing this concept will help you in understanding what happens under the hood when you use identity operator (is and not is).

Mridu Bhatnagar: [0:00] L is equal to a list object having element 1, 2, 3. This line means we are assigning a variable L to a list object present in memory, having elements 1, 2, and 3.

[0:25] Id() is a built-in method present in Python that accepts an object as a parameter, so here we are parsing L. Enter.

[0:40] Now, the returned number that you see here is a unique id returned by the built-in method. This unique id tells us the address of object in memory.