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    Advanced React Component Patterns Update

    Handle ref props with Higher Order Components

    Kent C. DoddsKent C. Dodds

    When you wrap a component with a Higher Order Component, it becomes impossible to forward the ref prop down the component tree due to the special nature of the ref prop in React. In this lesson, we’ll see that problem in action with our Higher Order Component. We will pass the ref as an innerRef prop so that the Higher Order Component can re-assign the ref to the component that it is wrapping.



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    Instructor: I added this focus method on the myToggle component, and I want to be able to autofocus the button every time I turn the switch on. To do this, I need to get a reference to the instance of myToggle, and simply call the focus method on it.

    What I'm going to do is down here in the myToggle wrapper, I'm going to say ref, this will be myToggle, and this.myToggle equals myToggle Then in the onToggle callback, I'm going to say if on, then this.myToggle.focus(), otherwise, we'll just return null and do nothing.

    Now, if I save this and I try that out, oh, my application is totally busted. The problem is that it's saying stateless function components cannot be given refs. Well, hold a second. This isn't a stateless function component.

    This is a class component, but I'm not applying the ref onto the class component. I'm actually applying it to the myToggle wrapper. That's what is returned from withToggle.

    This is our higher order component factory here, and the factory is going to create a wrapper, which is a stateless function component. I could create this as a class instead, but ultimately, the problem is that the reference that I get passed in my ref function will be the wrapper, and not the component that is being wrapped.

    This is another common problem with higher order components. The problem is that React will never forward a ref prop to your props. If I pass a ref prop to the wrapper, that's never going to appear in the props here.

    That's because the special nature of the ref prop. It's supposed to give me a reference to the instance of the component that's being rendered. One way that we can get around this is we'll destructure out a prop called innerRef, and then take the rest of these props.

    Then we can apply a ref prop to the component that we render with that innerRef. That allows me to forward along the ref that I want applied to the inner component, so I can get a reference to the inner component that's being rendered. Now, if I save this, I'll disable my dev tools, I turn this on, and I get this autofocused.

    In review, this is the ref problem with higher order components. That is, when you apply a ref to a component, that property cannot be forwarded onto the component that's being rendered under the hood.

    It's impossible to get a reference to that inner component using the ref prop. You apply a different prop, and then in our withToggle higher order component factory, the wrapper will accept the innerRef prop.

    Then when it renders the internal component, the inner component, we're going to add a ref prop to that component, and forward along the inner ref function, so that when this function is called, it's called with the instance of the component that we're rendering. Then we can call methods on that component.