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    Import Components Lazily with Suspense React.lazy
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Import Components Lazily with Suspense React.lazy

InstructorMichael Chan

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The Suspense component isn't new. We've been able to use it since 2018.

Learn the simplest way to start using Suspense in any React codebase (v16.6 or later), using dynamic imports.

Stephen James
~ a year ago

I am not seeing the error that you are seeing. It is because the latest code (17-Dec-19) has a suspense with a fallback in the main index.js file.

Michael Chaninstructor
~ a year ago

Thank you Stephen,

You are correct and I'm sorry for the inconvenience I caused you. The src/index.js file has been fixed with this diff and all errors should now flow thru to the console.

Thank you for your assistance in debugging this.