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    Advanced React Component Patterns Update

    This lesson was part of the Advanced React Component Patterns course, which has been updated to reflect the new patterns and API available in React 16.3+.

    Introducing Advanced React Component Patterns


    Here's a little intro to the course material. I hope you enjoy the course!

    The goal of this course is to give you the concepts and ideas you need to make components as simple and flexible as possible so you and your team will have an easier time building an amazing UI.

    You will learn several patterns in this course (Comound and HoC components, render props, and the Provider pattern etc.) that are used broadly in the JavaScript (and specifically React) ecosystem. Some patterns are meant to be used in place of others while many compliment when used in tandem with each other.

    None of these patterns have caused performance issues of note so give each pattern a try and see how you like it.