Learn How Recompose Optimizes Higher Order Components

Tim Kindberg
InstructorTim Kindberg

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Learn about optimizations (like component squashing) that Recompose uses behind the scenes. More reading on Performance.

David Mosher
David Mosher
~ 4 years ago

End of the video has some audio that got cut off, but I assume Tim was going to say "just maybe a little bit faster" :)

~ 3 years ago

Thans, this is a good course - but I think it's lacking on some important issues, such as:

  1. Why and when use HOC and recompose - and when NOT use it.
  2. What and how to unit-test different parts of an enhanced component, in detail
  3. Application and files structure strategies
  4. More of the API covered. I, for one, would hope for a good withContext lesson