Set up React apps with zero configuration in two minutes

InstructorTrevor Miller

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The React team has an official Command Line Interface (CLI) for building React projects called "Create React App"; in this lesson, we show how to use this tool to quickly set up new projects using the create-react-app {project-name} command. We then use the npm scripts that are provided: npm start to develop, npm run build to ship, and npm run eject to opt out of the abstracted tooling.

The benefits of this tool are:

  • It's officially maintained by the React team; this means best practices out of the box
  • Zero config, one dependency
  • Config is abstracted so React team can make improvements under the hood and you get the new goodness for free
  • Clean command line output for errors
  • You can "eject" at any time if needed
~ 5 years ago

Something not related, may I know the theme you used for vim? It looks gorgeous! I really love it.

Trevor Millerinstructor
~ 5 years ago

Hi Gary, thanks! I host all my settings on GitHub if you want to check it out: TD;DR Base 16 Ocean ;)

~ 4 years ago

It would be nice to a video build on this and talk about customizing the generated application's setup to include things like CSS modules, other Babel plugins, etc.