Write Data in a DB Model in Blitzjs

InstructorKhaled Garbaya

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Similar to The Blitz queries, mutations are also are plain, asynchronous JavaScript functions that always run on the server. And they must be inside a mutations folder

Mutations must be inside mutations folder


  • app/mutations/createPost.ts
  • app/posts/mutations/createPost.ts
  • app/admin/posts/mutations/createPost.ts

To write to the database you can use the db package e.g db.{modelName}.create.


import db, { PostCreateArgs } from "db"

type PostCreateInput = {
  data: PostCreateArgs["data"]

export default async function ({ data }: PostCreateInput) {
  const post = await db.post.create({ data })

  return post

To use the mutation client-side you can import it into your React Component directly.


import createPost from "app/posts/mutations/createPost"
const NewPost = () => {
  return (
      onSubmit={async (e) => {
        const post = await createPost({
          data: { title: "new Title", slug: "new-post", content: "some new content" },
      <button type="submit">Create a new Random Post</button>

export default NewPost