Test ActiveRecord Validations

Victor Hazbun
InstructorVictor Hazbun

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Published 3 years ago
Updated a year ago

Learn how to test ActiveRecord validations using RSpec.

In this lesson we'll write a test that expects the name attribute to be present on the User model instance. We'll see that at first this test fails because we need to add this validation on the model.

Instructor: [0:00] Let's test the username presence validation. When the name attribute is blank, it should have errors on the name attribute. We will need to set up a user instance. The name attribute must be blank.

[0:15] Next, we trigger the validation on the user instance by calling the valid method. This will also set the errors on the name attribute. We expect the name attribute errors to be "Can't be blank."

[0:32] Now let's run the text to see them fail. The test failed because we have not implemented the validation on the user model.

[0:40] To validate name presence, we call validate followed by the attribute name with the option presence true. If we run the test again, they pass because we implemented the presence validation on the name attribute.