Thinking Reactively with RxJS Course Intro

InstructorRares Matei

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In this course we'll look at how to approach problems reactively - where we program according to what events can happen in our app. We'll put ourselves in a real world situation, where we have an app that can launch some tasks in the background, and a virtual manager, that will constantly expand the scope of our initial requirement. I will start by breaking down the requirements into very small bits, that we can tackle individually. We'll then be very intentional about how we define our observables, naming them correctly and creating the right abstractions that very clear boundaries and are as predictable as possible to the consumers. We'll look at integrating third-party non-RxJS code into our reactive streams and also at exposing our reactive library to the outside world, that might not be RxJS aware. And we'll make sure to learn new operators and look at RxJS mechanics along the way.