Implement Decision Trees in Python with Scikit-learn

Hannah Davis
InstructorHannah Davis

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We’ll learn about decision trees, also known as CART (classification and regression trees), and use them to explore a dataset of breast cancer tumors.

We'll also see how to visualize a decision tree using graphviz.

David Arias
David Arias
~ 3 years ago

I'm not able to import 'graphviz' to my jupyter notebook. I'm getting an error message that the module "graphviz" doesn't exist.

I've tried the following: import graphviz from graphviz import Digraph from graphviz import * import pygraphviz

all have come up moot.

I checked the graphviz docs and it is supposed to be compatible with jupyter notebook, and they use the same import command you do. Any ideas?

Shawn Wang
Shawn Wang
~ 2 years ago

did you install graphviz at all? brew install graphviz