Use Ropsten as a Test Faucet

Noah Hein
InstructorNoah Hein

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Published 6 months ago
Updated 5 months ago

Test Faucets are common tools in the web3/blockchain ecosystem. There are many different faucets for all of the different blockchains, and the many networks deployed on them. Faucets are a way to fund your wallet with fake/test cryptocurrency for you to play around in a low-risk environment.

Here, we'll find a Ropsten faucet and use it to add test ETH to our newly-created MetaMask wallet.

If developing with Anvil was your "dev" environment, you can think of "testnets" such as Ropsten as being a public, pseudo-staging environment.

Instructor: [0:01] Now what we can do is we can get some test funds for our testnet. Here we can look up Ethereum testnet faucets. Here we can go to Ropsten. There are multiple testnets, and Ethereum is always changing. There will be different testnets that come and go and are supported as the protocol changes over time, but I like Ropsten. [0:30] We'll go to the very first Ropsten faucet here. We'll give it our address. Over here, we can click on this, and we're on our Egghead Test account. Let's copy that to the keyboard. We can Give me Ropsten ETH. Cool. We successfully queued this.

[0:46] You can see it expects it to get it within half an hour. We can actually take a look here. We can change this from Ethereum Mainnet. There are many different options here, but we can go to the Ropsten test network here.

[1:04] Looks like we got five Ropsten ETH on this little account right here. It looks like it gave us a little bit more. Maybe I used this account in a previous demo. I'm not quite sure. We have 4.6 Ropsten ETH. Fantastic.