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    Create a Supabase Project

Create a Supabase Project

Jon Meyers
InstructorJon Meyers

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Published a year ago
Updated a year ago

Supabase is a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) that makes it super simple to create databases, tables, columns and input data.

Every project contains the infrastructure to handle database storage, authentication, authorization, file storage and real-time.

In this video, we look at setting up a Supabase project from scratch - creating an account, organisation and a project - with a geographically close region.

Instructor: [0:00] From the supabase.io website, click "Start Your Project." We're going to authenticate with GitHub. You may need to create a new organization if you don't have one yet and then click "New Project." I'm going to call my project Supabase SaaS and put in a strong password.

[0:16] Now, I'm going to select the region that is closest to me and click "Create New Project." This is going to take a few minutes to set up that infrastructure. Now that that's done, I have a Supabase project with a database, auth, and storage ready to configure.