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    Change Styles on Multiple Elements with Tailwinds group-hover

    Simon VrachliotisSimon Vrachliotis

    Sometimes, you want to update styles for multiple children elements when hovering over a parent. The group-hover class in Tailwind lets you do just that in a very elegant way!



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    Instructor: 00:00 Here's a simple UI card. It looks nice and all, but we want the background to go purple on hover. As you can see, the text becomes unreadable. How do you tackle this problem with utility classes? We could add a hover text white class on both the headline and the paragraph, but that's not really what we want.

    00:18 Tailwind offers a group hover utility class for this scenario. You give the parent element a class of group. Then, each child element that needs to react to the parent hover state gets a group hover prefix class. Check it out. Now, all update when the parent element, the one with the group class, is hovered.