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    Recursively Create Folders and Files in VS Code

    Christian NwambaChristian Nwamba
    vscodeVS Code

    Creating files and folders in VS Code get boring quickly when you are using the file or context menu. With the following steps, you can supercharge how you create folders and files:

    1. Install this extension

    2. Hit CTRL + OPTION + N

    3. Type the path of the file you want to create and hit ENTER


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    Instructor: The default way to create files and folders in VS Code is to use the File menu or the Context menu, either of which can get boring quickly. What I would do is to use this extension code to create files and folders on the go.

    I already have this extension installed. You need to install it as well. Once I have this extension installed, or once you have it installed, all you need to do is hit Control-Option-N. This will pull out this text box. You can type in the path you want to create.

    In this case, I want to create full/path/index.js. If I hit Enter, you would see that this extension recursively creates this path for me. I have a full folder and a path folder with an index.js file.

    You can also create files in an existing folder. If I type full/path.js, you would see that the extension does not overwrite the existing structure. Instead, it adds the file in automatically.