Create Vue.js Layout and Navigation with Nuxt.js

John Lindquist
InstructorJohn Lindquist
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Published 8 years ago
Updated 5 years ago

Nuxt.js enables you to easily create layout and navigation by replacing the default App.vue template with your own app.vue layout in a layouts directory. Then you simply surround your content (the <nuxt> instance) with your navigation and/or layout and you're ready to go.

[00:00] The home page and the about page have completely different templates, you'll see the home page template here, and the about page template here. If I want to do something like surround these with a navigation that persists across pages, I need to create a layout.

[00:14] I'll come in here and create a layouts directory, so layouts. Inside of there, a new file called "app.view," meaning that this is the layout for my entire application. This still uses the template, but it also uses what's called a "nextContainer," which surrounds the nextInstance, the index template and the about template will show up right here.

[00:41] Elements we put around it like an <H1> with "I'm the layout" above it, and an <H2> of "I'm below." When I refresh will show up above and below your current page.

[00:55] If I go back home, you'll see my layout still persists. You may need to restart your server if you don't see those changes right away from the dev server. Let's go-ahead and for my about, grab this router link and I'll cut that out and add that to my app above it. We'll call this a nav, and paste that router link.

[01:16] Go into my index, grab this router link, go back to my app, paste that there, and now, we have this layout with a navigation that when I save, I'm on the home page now.

[01:29] I can go to about, and home, and about, and home, and this app UI persists. The navigations persists, the footer persists, and the pages inside of it change.

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