Conditionally Render Images in Vue.js using the v-if Directive

Daniel Phiri
InstructorDaniel Phiri

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Published 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

In this lesson, you will learn how to conditionally render images in Vue.js using the v-if directive. We will look at defining data properties that will control whether an image is rendered or not and how to use the v-if directive

Daniel Phiri: [0:01] We have two images, one of the logo and one of the Vue.js logo. We want to conditionally render the Vue.js logo.

[0:12] We use the v-if directive and define a variable called visible. Save your work, and the Vue.js logo disappears. That's because the v-if directive only renders an element if the variable returns a value of true. Currently, visible is undefined.

[0:35] To fix this, we create a data() function and return a data property called visible. We'll give this the value of true, save your work, and the Vue.js logo reappears. We can change the value to false, save your work, and the Vue.js logo disappears.

[1:02] That is how you conditionally render an element with the v-if directive and a variable, whose value we can change from true to false to render the image.