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    Programmatically Navigate to Routes with Vue Component Methods

    Laurie BarthLaurie Barth

    We can navigate programmatically using functions in JavaScript. We can use explicit paths, or pass params and use a route name.



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    Instructor: 0:01 We'll start by navigating with a template button. We'll map this using the onClick to a function called toEgghead. We'll define the function as a method. Inside the function, we'll use JavaScript to access our router object, this.$.router. Then, we can push a new route onto our router /egghead. If we refresh the page and click on the button, we'll be navigated to our egghead page.

    0:54 Alternatively, we may want to access our blog page, which comes with an ID parameter. Let's change our function to toBlog.

    1:07 Now, instead of pushing /egghead, we'll push /blog with the argument ID. We can set a constant that will pass in and set that ID for us. In this case the constant will be 1234. If we refresh and click again, we'll see that we navigated to blog 1234.

    1:42 Alternatively, we can push an object onto our router array. Let's try doing that with path blog and param ID. If we try again, we realize that it doesn't work. This is because path and params can't be combined. If we want to do it in this manner, we need a name on our route record.

    2:22 We'll call it blog. Now we can set name toBlog and use params, and we'll navigate there successfully.