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Create Fullstack Applications with GraphQL and Apollo


GraphQL is a query language for your API that offers a new paradigm for delivering data to clients of all varieties. In this playlist, we’ll build a small fullstack application using GraphQL, Apollo Server, Apollo Client, and React, introducing a multitude of key GraphQL concepts along the way.

We’ll start by building the GraphQL API for a ski day counter application using Apollo Server. Then we’ll immediately send client queries to the GraphQL service to get the data. Later, we’ll incorporate mutations to change data, and we’ll integrate react-apollo to send queries and mutations from React components. Along the way, we’ll introduce useful schema design features like input types, enums, and custom scalars, and we’ll talk about client-side use cases like sending variables and caching. After watching these videos, you’ll be able to work on existing GraphQL projects or start your own with a full command of the fundamentals.