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Design with Tailwind CSS Masterclass


Design with Tailwind CSS is a free video series that teaches you how to build fully responsive, professionally designed UIs from scratch using Tailwind CSS.

Together we’ll build Workcation, a property rental app loaded with interesting details that will help you master Tailwind in no time.

You will learn how to:

  • Get Tailwind up and running in your project
  • Build complex application layouts with flexbox
  • Use Tailwind's color, size, and weight utilities to create hierarchy
  • Create depth in your designs using shadows and layers
  • Flexible positioning techniques for building components that are adaptive instead of static and rigid
  • Implement custom form styles
  • Extract reusable components
  • Work with plugins
  • Customize Tailwind to meet the needs of your design
  • Augment Tailwind with JavaScript to make your designs interactive