Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language such as HTML.

No matter what kind of website or web application you want to build, you'll have to use CSS. If you haven't written much CSS, or even if you’ve never written CSS at all, don’t worry. That's what these courses are for. We’ll start with basic CSS concepts, then gradually progress to more advanced topics and lessons.

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Just Enough CSS to Build Modern UI

Building user interfaces is an essential skill for every web developer to continue to level up in. It's a core skill that you need to keep sharp.

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Create a Landing Page with CSS Grid and Flexbox

course by Stephanie Eckles

Build Modern Layouts with CSS Grid

course by Hiroko Nishimura

Accessible Cross-Browser CSS Form Styling

course by Stephanie Eckles

Tic Tac Toe with CSS and SVG

course by Jhey Tompkins

Building an OpenGraph image generation API with Cloudinary, Netlify Functions, and React

course by Chris Biscardi

CSS Fundamentals

course by Tyler Clark

Learn CSS Animations for a Better User Experience

course by Christina Gorton

CSS Fundamentals

course by Tyler Clark

CSS Selectors in Depth

course by Garth Braithwaite


course by Michael Chan

Build User Interfaces by Composing CSS Utility Classes with Tailwind

course by Simon Vrachliotis

Convert SCSS (Sass) to CSS-in-JS

course by Oleg Isonen

Understand How to Style Angular Components

course by Juri Strumpflohner

Maintainable CSS using TypeStyle

course by Basarat Ali Syed

Get Started with Flexbox CSS Layouts

course by Chris Achard

Build Complex Layouts with CSS Grid Layout

course by Rory Smith

Style an Application from Start to Finish

course by Garth Braithwaite

Creating Accessible Skeleton Loader Animation from Scratch with HTML and CSS

course by Will Mendes

Develop Custom Twitch Scenes and Setup in OBS

course by Stephanie Eckles

Learn the Fundamentals of CSS and Sass to Create Modern and Responsive Layouts

course by Stephanie Eckles

Flexbox Fundamentals

course by Garth Braithwaite