Over the last few years, an idea has emerged for syncing state between the client and server. A change in the way we interact with data that provides clear advantages over REST.


With GraphQL, you can define the shape of your data in a schema, and GraphQL will let consumers of that data request precisely what they need when they need it. You will no longer need to perform multiple requests for data or send more data than is necessary.

These curated courses will teach you GraphQL from the ground up, all the way to production-ready applications. by Eve Porcello

Secure GraphQL

Securing GraphQL Backends with JWTs

Sam Julien

Demystify auth while learning how to use JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) with GraphQL APIs!

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Mock REST and GraphQL APIs with Mock Service Worker

course by Artem Zakharchenko

Ecommerce Product Management & Storefront with GraphCMS, Snipcart, & Next.js

course by Colby Fayock

Full-Stack Serverless Applications with Next.js & Fauna

course by Shadid Haque

Designing GraphQL Schemas

course by Nik Graf

GraphQL Query Language

course by Eve Porcello

Up and Running with Gatsby

course by Kyle Gill

Image Loading and Optimization in Gatsby with gatsby-image

course by Kyle Gill

Scalable Offline-Ready GraphQL Applications with AWS AppSync & React

course by nader dabit

Building a Serverless JAMStack Todo app with Netlify, Gatsby, GraphQL, and FaunaDB

course by Chris Biscardi

Migrate a WordPress Site to the Jamstack Using Gatsby

course by Jason Lengstorf

GraphQL Data in React with Apollo Client

course by Nik Graf

Use GraphQL Data Loaders to Prevent Scaling Issues by Batching & Caching Database Requests

course by Jacob Paris

Learn Apollo Client Hooks

course by Tomasz Łakomy

Manage State in React Apps with Apollo Client and GraphQL

course by Rares Matei

Build a News App with React Native, GraphQL and TypeScript

course by Kadi Kraman

Build a GraphQL API with AWS CDK and AppSync

course by Tomasz Łakomy

Create a GraphQL Powered Vue 3 Application

course by Kevin Cunningham

Deploy a GraphQL dev playground with graphql-up

lesson by Joe Maddalone

Using GraphQL's GraphiQL Tool

lesson by Josh Black

Retrieve and Display Data with GraphQL Queries in Next.js using urql

lesson by Thomas Greco

Create your first AWS AppSync GraphQL API

lesson by nader dabit