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Add Github Login to Your Web App with OAuth 2.0

course by Christian Nwamba

Build a Corgi Up-boop Web App with Netlify Serverless Functions and Hasura

course by Jason Lengstorf

MongoDB Aggregation Framework

course by Kamran Ahmed

Deploy a Serverless API React Application with TypeScript

course by Jason Lengstorf

Select by ID with Mongoose and Express

lesson by John Lindquist

Running your server forever using forever in Node.js

lesson by Akash Gutha

Make an HTTP Request in Elm

lesson by Murphy Randle

First API with Node.js, Express and MongoDB

lesson by John Lindquist

Make HTTP Requests in Bash with `curl`

lesson by Cameron Nokes

Find and Manipulate Data using Aggregation in MongoDB

lesson by Kamran Ahmed

Passing variables to serverless functions using query strings

lesson by Chris Biscardi

Sort, Skip and Limit Records in MongoDB Aggregation

lesson by Kamran Ahmed

Benchmark http requests using autocannonjs

lesson by Yonatan Kra

Up and Running with Deno

lesson by nader dabit

Write Joins in MongoDB

lesson by Kamran Ahmed

Group By and Sum in MongoDB

lesson by Kamran Ahmed

Perform Group Operations on Array Fields in MongoDB

lesson by Kamran Ahmed

What Are Serverless Functions?

talk by Jason Lengstorf

Set up a Local Development Environment for Serverless Functions Using Netlify

lesson by Jason Lengstorf

Deploy Serverless Functions to Production on Netlify using the Netlify CLI

lesson by Jason Lengstorf

Manually Trigger Netlify Serverless Functions Locally

lesson by Jason Lengstorf