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Colby Fayock

Colby helps others learn by doing through articles, videos, and courses about Javascript, React, and the static web. I'm a Lead UX & Front End Engineer passionate about tackling challenges that can help save people’s lives and make the world a better place.

Portfolio Project

Create an eCommerce Store with Next.js and Stripe Checkout

Colby Fayock

Build a modern eCommerce store with the best-in-class tools available to web developers to add to your portfolio.

Build Maps with React Leaflet

Colby Fayock・47m・Course

A Google Map embed is sufficient for showing a location, but doesn't leave you many customization options. React Leaflet to the rescue!

Automate with Javascript & Github Actions

Colby Fayock・16m・Course

Github Actions are an awesome tool from Github that allows us to automate tasks using code-based workflow configuration files.