Jamund Ferguson

Jamund Ferguson

Jamund is a UI Engineer that has a passion for sharing his journey and knowledge with others.

Throughout his career, Jamund benefitted from learning the technologies that were vital to business as well as keeping up with the industry. He has been able to leverage what he learns into opportunities that have propelled his career forward.

As a self-taught engineer, he wants to share as much knowledge as he can so others can level up their own careers as he has with himself.

illustration for Modern Redux with Redux Toolkit (RTK) and TypeScript

Jamund Ferguson • Course • 40m

Modern Redux with Redux Toolkit (RTK) and TypeScript

Learn how Redux Toolkit simplifies the process of setting up and maintaining your redux application when building slices, reducers, selectors, and thunks.

Learn Redux for 2021 and Beyond

Learn Redux for 2021 and Beyond

Redux was first released in 2015, since it's release it has had a staying force in the community as it continues to be one of the most popular libraries to manage application state. Having a single source of truth and ways to update it in a pure fashion makes Redux a great choice for managing your application as it grows.

Learn what Redux looks like in the modern era with React hooks and Redux Toolkit.

illustration for Apply Redux to a Modern React Hooks Application
Jamund Ferguson • Course • 42m

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illustration for Recreating Popular JavaScript Utility Methods from Lodash
Jamund Ferguson • Course • 26m

Learn common JavaScript patterns through implementing various lodash functions. You'll be prepared for your next technical job interview!

illustration for Build a REST API with Express 5 and node 14
Jamund Ferguson • Course • 28m

Learn how to build a simple REST API to store notes using the latest built-in node features including native ES modules, the fs/promises API, async/await, and more!

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