Kevin Cunningham

Kevin Cunningham

Freelance web-developer, building interesting things on the web. Based in Brighton.

illustration for The Beginner's Guide to Vue 3

Kevin Cunningham • 49m • Course

The Beginner's Guide to Vue 3

This course is for learners just starting out as well as for those who want to get up to speed on Vue 3. You'll learn all the foundational skills of web development in Vue.

illustration for WordPress as a Headless Content Management System (CMS) and GraphQL API
Kevin Cunningham • 59m • Course

Using WordPress as a headless CMS turns it into a data source ready to work with Gatsby, Next.js, or whatever else you want to build with. Learn Headless WordPress today!

illustration for Building an API with Express
Kevin Cunningham • 31m • Course

Learn the fundamentals of building a modern API in JavaScript. This course will explore concepts that will be helpful in building a wide variety of applications.

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