Kyle Shevlin

Kyle Shevlin

Hi, I am Kyle! I'm a front end JavaScript developer who loves teaching and helping people out. When I'm not coding, you can probably find me playing golf, ultimate frisbee or making music.

illustration for Manage Complex Tic Tac Toe Game State in React

Kyle Shevlin • Course • 24m

Manage Complex Tic Tac Toe Game State in React

Learn how to build a grid with CSS Grid and manage complex state with useReducer while building a Tic Tac Toe Game.

Get Good at JavaScript

illustration for Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript
Kyle Shevlin • Course • 49m

Learn how to implement data structures, sorting algorithms, and the trade-offs between what algorithms to choose.

illustration for Introduction to State Machines Using XState
Kyle Shevlin • Course • 58m

Managing state is one of the primary reasons our applications become so complex. See how to simplify state with state machines.

illustration for Just Enough Functional Programming in JavaScript
Kyle Shevlin • Course • 30m

Functional Programming can be overwhelming to learn with all the new jargon and concepts. Learn this style without all the headaches.

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