Stephanie Eckles

Stephanie Eckles

Girl Geek, front-end focused software engineer, publishing a video series for beginner developers, authoring, creator of Style Stage, providing Eleventy resources on 11ty.Rocks, and mom of two girls.

My lessons focus on HTML, CSS, Sass, accessibility, and Eleventy.

illustration for Accessible Cross-Browser CSS Form Styling

Stephanie Eckles・1h 52m・Course

Accessible Cross-Browser CSS Form Styling

Confidently build out accessibility-focused form design systems that works in all browsers.

illustration for Create a Landing Page with CSS Grid and Flexbox
Stephanie Eckles・20m・Course

Learn how to progressively style a responsive landing page template while building your knowledge on when to select grid or flexbox for any layout scenario.

illustration for Build An Eleventy (11ty) Site From Scratch
Stephanie Eckles・19m・Course
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