Writing for egghead

We want to learn about the web development topics you are interested in most!

We are building a catalog of informative articles on egghead, and want to extend an offer to you to write in this space. Written tutorials are the bread and butter of the internet, and a great way to teach and learn.

Publishing your writing on egghead is a great way to grow as a developer, writer, and teacher because teaching and writing is one of the best ways to solidify what you know.

Plus, it's great for egghead and the hundreds of thousands of folks that visit the site every month.

What you need to know

  1. The best articles answer a question or fill in a gap. They are the ones that come up at the top of a google search and immediately help somebody get their job done or learn something new.
  2. We want to learn about your learned experience and knowledge. We firmly believe in the philosophy of "teach everything you know" and learning in public.

The articles we are looking for help people solve real problems in their actual lives as web developers. They usually demonstrate and explain something in your voice and share your experience.

We don't want a rehash of the official docs, but instead want to get a feel for how things actually work in a clear way that helps other folks connect the dots.

Writing for egghead is a great way to explore new topics, flex your skills, and we are here to provide helpful guidance along the way if you would like it.

Anyone can write for egghead, you just need to let us know you're up for it ✋🏾

Topics we are interested in

egghead is a site built to be useful for web developers. We cater to an intermediate to advanced audience, but also appreciate the fundamentals of our craft. We want to learn from you and your experience, so the things that are exciting or interesting to you are probably exciting and interesting to other web developers.

We aren't interested in publishing clickbait or trying to game the system with SEO. We are interested in deep topics that bring value and clarity to the folks that read them.

Articles about React

We are working on this... waves around... new site and one of the topics that we are keen on exploring in depth is React. Everybody loves React! You probably love React if you're reading this 😅

We've compiled a big list of React topics that we'd love to see, but don't feel limited to items in this list. Let's hear what you've got!

The entire web

There's so much to explore beyond just React, of course, and we are very interested in instructional, how-to articles that dive into these subjects as well:

Vue 3




Cloudflare Workers



AWS (most of it!)



React Concurrent Mode Patterns



Http Caching


How to Give a Great Technical Talk


Design Systems


"Advanced Beginner" CSS

Design Patterns

Functional Programming

Open Source Development

Github Actions

VS Code (Tools in General)

Design for Developers

Problem Solving


Performance Testing and Tuning

Digital Gardens

Patterns of Learning

For the most part, we are interested in the written equivalent of egghead lessons, so if you'd like to understand more about our underlying philosophy and how we think about teaching on the internet, check out our in-depth guide on how to egghead.

In fact, writing articles for egghead is a direct path to creating screencast lessons and courses on egghead, so if that is interesting for you, please keep it in mind as well!

The audience you'll be writing for:

egghead caters to advanced beginners through experienced expert developers.

It's a big range, and we've got something for everybody.

Folks who come to egghead are already advanced beginners, intermediate, or expert developers.

They know the basics of web development, and you can safely assume they've been writing JavaScript for at least a few months. Imagine a recent boot camp graduate or someone already working as a junior on a technical team.

They have limited knowledge about the specific thing you're teaching, but infinite intelligence.

Tone and Voice

You should be friendly, confident, and enthusiastic.

Make your writing clear and free of unnecessary jargon. If jargon is needed, define it and link to helpful resources.

We recommend using Hemmingway App to check the readability level of your writing.

Mediums and Formats

Because our site is built on Next.js with MDX, you have the ability to add interactive React components into your article (we know, so cool!)

We encourage including visuals, quizzes, code snippets, demos, and interactive elements that make programming learnable.

Wild, interesting experimentation with the medium of the web is very welcome here, but not required.

To quote Bret Victor:

"Programming is a way of thinking, not a rote skill" and "people understand what they can see."

Show, don't tell. This is the bedrock of how we approach teaching

Handy Recipes for Article Types

  • Constructive critique and analysis of an existing site or system
  • Common mistakes you see within a specific niche/tool/framework
  • X meets Y
  • How to do X in Y framework
  • A review and summary of existing resources on a topic
  • A creative application of a tool/technique with a code demo
  • Dig in deep on how a system works - "What's behind the curtain?"
  • Interview chat with an expert you find interesting over video and write up notes on the conversation
  • Comics, sketchnotes, diagrams, and illustrated explanations
  • Step-by-step scrollytelling explanations

Examples of Great articles

These are some amazing examples that set the bar for what is possible with written tutorials for web developers.

These authors are seasoned pros, and we don't expect every article to clear the bar, but we think you should be able to "dream big" and we will help you execute on that vision.

We are here to collaborate on your ideas!

Payment for Your Work

We pay a flat rate for each article. The compensation amount is adjusted to the meatiness of the article. Long, in-depth articles that require deep research are compensated more than shorter, snappier articles.

The amount of compensation will vary from article to article and depends on many factors including how audacious the scope of the work is, the level of time and research involved to produce the article, as well as other factors like audience reach and industry expertise of the author.

We only pay for articles that are published!

The Process

  1. Submit your article idea by filling out this pitch form
  2. We'll review your idea and email you back if it aligns with our audience and goals
  3. You write up a final outline of the main points and sections
  4. We approve the outline
  5. You write a mostly-final article and share it with us in a collaborative writing app like Notion, Dropbox Paper, or Google Docs.
  6. We review and edit your article to help fix any spelling, grammar, style, or technical issues.
  7. We hit publish and promote your article on all the socials.
  8. 🤑 You get paid 🤑

Ready to Pitch?

If you've got an idea and would like to share your pitch with us, click here and fill out this quick form.