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There are many reasons to create a portfolio as a software developer. You might be new to the career and need a way to represent your capabilities. You might have worked exclusively at companies that firewall your work examples behind non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that protect their intellectual property. Or, maybe you're a freelancer or consultant and need to showcase your skills for potential clients.

You might just like building examples and showing them to folks. These are all excellent reasons to create a developer portfolio!

But it's hard. It's hard to figure out what to build. It's hard to make the time required to build your portfolio projects.

And it sucks to work alone while shouting into the void of the internet when you want to chat about the work or get ideas for next steps.

** That's where an egghead Project Club comes in!**

A project club is a group of developers that get together on a regular basis to check in, learn from one another, keep each other accountable, and encourage the rest of the club to succeed with their portfolio project.

Clubs are often centered a theme with group learning and study activities as a central part of the club's time together.

Members of the egghead staff will facilitate every egghead Project Club, so you won't be expected to organize meetings or other administrative duties.

We ask that you commit to showing up and doing the work each week on your portfolio project and group learning Activities.

The next egghead Portfolio Project Club will be focused on building excellent portfolio projects utilizing tools from the React State Management ecosystem, including xState and Redux Toolkit

If this sounds like something you'd like to commit to enter your email below, and we will be in touch with the next steps.

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