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egghead for Teams

Keeping your team up to date and consistent with the application of frameworks, patterns, and best practices is an ongoing and extreme challenge for any organization.

The pressure is always on to SHIP, which means that we have to make trade-offs in terms of how we spend our time. When the ongoing education and upskilling of your team is neglected the long-term consequences can be massive... and expensive.

On the flip side of that coin, when continued education and upskilling is a priority, the long-term consequences can still be massive, but instead of a massive expense, you will see a massive ROI.

Access to high-quality learning material, and the space to learn, is essential for the developers on your team.

  • high quality product development
  • consistent shared knowledge and understanding of tools
  • alignment on best practices
  • similar basis for understanding around "how we got here"

egghead has been providing developers with efficient, in-depth, to the point courses for over a decade. Trusted by enterprises like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, Goldman-Sachs, Sony, Epic Games, and countless others large and small, your developers skillup with egghead so you can ship better products, faster, and more consistently over time.

Trusted by enterprises
AppleSonyFacebookGoldman SachsEpic GamesMicrosoft

In addition to your deep egghead course catalog, we can also offer your team custom learning paths and are happy to discuss the learning content your organization wants to see.

Do you need live workshops? We can do that.

egghead's deep bench of experienced instructors are here to help you meet your education goals and provide your team with the support you need.

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