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Build a Full Stack Blog with Astro


Lazar Nikolov
2h 42m closed-captioning
23 lessons
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Published 5 months ago
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"Build a Full Stack Blog with Astro" is a hands-on course that cuts straight to the chase, offering developers a practical approach to building a fully functional blog website. Throughout this course, you'll get to grips with Astro, a modern web framework designed to help you create fast content websites with a modern development experience.

Here's what you'll be tackling:

  • Styling and Layout: You'll learn how to style Astro pages, exploring a variety of ways to make your site look good without compromising on performance.
  • Astro Components and Static Assets: Get comfortable creating reusable components and managing static assets like images.
  • Content Publishing System: Delve into managing blog content with Astro’s content collections, with type safety included with Zod to keep your data structured and error-free.
  • Dynamic Features: Implement pagination and dynamic pages to make your content discoverable and your site easy to navigate.
  • SEO Essentials: Tackle SEO fundamentals with astro-seo, ensuring your site ranks well and reaches the right audience without the guesswork.
  • React and Vanilla JS: Enhance your site with interactive components, first using React, then refactoring with Vanilla JS for optimal performance.
  • Backend Integration: You'll dive into back-end functionality, creating custom API endpoints, and interfacing with a database using Drizzle ORM with SQLite under the hood to manage your content behind the scenes.
  • Dynamic OG image generation: Every content website needs decent OG images for social sharing. You’ll learn how to dynamically generate the OG images for your pages and blog articles.

By the end of this course, you won't just have a theoretical understanding — you'll have a live, deployable full-stack blog that reflects current best practices in web development. You’ll also gain valuable and easily-transferrable skills for working with databases and containerizing and deploying full-stack web apps. This course is about building something tangible that you can use as a springboard for more complex projects down the line. So, let's learn how to build great content websites!

Course Content

2h 42m • 23 lessons

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