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    Deploy a Static Astro Site on Vercel
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Deploy a Static Astro Site on Vercel

Lazar Nikolov
InstructorLazar Nikolov

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Published 5 months ago
Updated 3 months ago

Because our site is pretty standard with no big features that require a database, we'll be deploying to Vercel. Vercel makes it easy to pull in the code from GitHub and has an Astro framework preset so we can deploy with one click.

Lazar Nikolov: [0:06] Our website is already at the point where we can deploy it. In this lesson, we'll see how we can deploy it on Vercel. Before we begin, we need to make sure that our website's code is pushed to the GitHub repository, and that we have a Vercel account to work with.

[0:14] We're going to click the Add New Project. From the repositories list, we're going to select our block repository and click Import. Since our project is an ordinary Astro project that doesn't have specific build steps or environment variables, we're going to leave all of these settings as they are and click Deploy. Vercel is now going to build and deploy our website.

[0:42] There it is, now our website is live. We can access our deployed site by clicking on the screenshot. That's how we can deploy our website to Vercel.

[0:49] Just a heads-up, later in the course we're going to develop some more advanced features that involve a database, a custom API, and Docker, so we're going to be deploying our website to fly.io instead.