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Build High-Speed Monorepos with Nx and pnpm Workspaces

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Published 2 years ago
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In a monorepo, all of your apps and packages reside in a single repo. Structuring your code this way has many organizational benefits. You can more easily manage your dependencies, and you can maintain more consistency across your various apps.

But, if you attempted to do this with just yarn or pnpm alone, you'll quickly start running into productivity issues. Your build times will be very long, and you'll have to make sure to run builds for any internal packages an app is depending on.

That's where Nx comes in.

Combining the speed of pnpm with the efficiency of Nx gives you an amazingly performant monorepo setup.

Nx builds a graph of your workspace and all of the connected dependencies. If there is a change anywhere, Nx will know about it and everything that is affected by it.

Which means that Nx is able to use caching to prevent unnecessary builds when nothing has changed. Nx's caching features enable blazing fast <10ms build times 🔥

You get to have all the advantages of the monorepo with none of the performance issues!

So start watching this course and learn how to achieve these speeds today.

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42m • 18 lessons

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