illustration for Create a Landing Page with CSS Grid and Flexbox

Create a Landing Page with CSS Grid and Flexbox

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Published 4 years ago
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Project code can be found here on Github

You've just spent hours putting together a landing page that looks spectacular on your website.

You open it on mobile or tablet annnnd… your layout collides into a mess 🤦‍♂️

Don't let this be you. Leverage CSS Grid and Flexbox to design beautifully crafted websites for your content on all devices.

Flexbox and Grid are tools used by web developers to ensure their sites display an organized layout that matches precisely how they'd like their content to show. They take different yet equally valuable approaches to content layout that can be tailored to adjust to different screen sizes.

Need a strict structure no matter the device? Grid can help. Is content the main focus of your layout? Flexbox has your back. Want some flexibility inside defined boundaries? Combine 'em for the best of both worlds.

This course takes you through the thinking, testing, and programming process in a step-by-step format to show how these tools are created and implemented.

Check out what you'll be able to successfully accomplish after going through this course:

  • Create responsive sites by leveraging the structured approach of Grid with gap spacing and boundaries or the adaptive qualities of Flexbox.
  • Differentiate between when to use Grid, Flexbox, or a combination of both Allow page content to overflow to the next line using Flexbox's wrapping property
  • Create modifier classes to align content and apply spacing between items
  • Display visually appealing page content for a wide variety of different devices

Ready to add flexibility and structure to your skills and website? Click the Start Watching button above to save yourself time fixing layout issues.

Course Content

20m • 5 lessons

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