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Create a Digital Garden CLI with Rust


Chris Biscardi
1h 10m closed-captioning
people completed

In this course, Chris takes a README-driven approach to build out a Rust CLI that supports content authoring for a digital garden.

Specifically, you'll work through the first command for the CLI, writing files. You start by initializing a new Cargo binary crate by creating the write command that allows you to create files (and their contents) to the folder that you set.

🌱 This is a Fresh Course

This course is new and up to date — you'll get a great introduction to Rust and what to consider when building CLI tools.

What you'll learn

  • Handle user input
  • Error handling
  • Rust move semantics
  • Rust copy semantics
  • Integration testing

Questions to Reflect Upon:

  • What makes an API "good"?
  • Why create a CLI app?
  • How should I handle errors?

Course Content

1h 10m • 18 lessons

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