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Designing GraphQL Schemas


Nik Graf

1h 2m closed-captioning
16 lessons
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Published 5 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

GraphQL brings joy to using APIs. Even though it's based on a type system, GraphQL in many ways is more flexible than REST.

But the flexibility that makes GraphQL a joy to work with can have its downsides if you aren't careful.

Schema design is an area where one small oversight at the beginning can get you stuck having to deal with weird naming, bloated duplicates, and other annoying workarounds.

It doesn't have to be like this!

Nik Graf has extensive experience designing GraphQL schemas, for a variety of business applications.

In this course, Nik has prepared several examples following different design patterns. Through exploration and comparison, you'll come away with actionable knowledge for designing and extending schemas.

Follow Nik, and avoid making Schema mistakes that will come back to bite you later.

What you'll learn:

  • Naming conventions for fields, queries, mutations
  • GraphQL Aliases
  • Benefits of nullable fields
  • Connection Specification
  • Mutation Payload Design
  • Nullable vs Non-nullable fields
  • Evolving GraphQL Schemas

Course Content

1h 2m • 16 lessons

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