illustration for Effectively Build RESTful APIs using Next.js API Routes

Effectively Build RESTful APIs using Next.js API Routes

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Published 2 years ago
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Building an API might be an intimidating process, especially if you are starting to learn how to design your backend application.

You might find yourself asking how to design for performance? or how do you even create a consistent API?

RESTful APIs allow you to improve scalability, are cacheable and flexible.

API Routes are one of the most powerful features in Next.js because they let you build backend APIs without needing to create a custom server or spin up a new project/service. This eliminates the need to develop the backend for your application in another repository, which means less code, and less code means fewer bugs!

With this course, you will understand how to call handle different HTTP verbs for their RESTful APIs in Next.js as well as learn that Next.js is a viable option to create RESTful APIs.

With that said, after this course, you'll also learn and understand that having one file per route is okay, and each API route in Next.js is serverless, which means the concept of state doesn't exist.

Gain these skills:

  • Add middleware with next-connect
    • Understand the concept of middleware and how it affects requests
  • Refactoring RESTful APIs
  • How to call APIs in React/Next.js
  • Use dynamic routes

Course Content

20m • 9 lessons

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