JSON Web Token (JWT) Authentication with Node.js and Auth0

Joel Lord

Joel Lord

Joel Lord is passionate about web and technology in general. In his spare time, Joel shares his findings via his blog Javascript Everything (http://www.javascripteverything.com). He is currently a developer evangelist at Auth0, is a part-time teacher at the Algonquin College in programming and is involved in various developer communities of the Ottawa-Gatineau area. In his free time, he works on his robots and automates some stuff around the house.

About the Course

JSON Web Token (JWT) is a low overhead option for authentication that is easy to implement and scales with your application. There is no need to store session data as everything you need is stored in an encoded string sent in the JWT, significantly reducing database overhead for your servers.

In this course, we will build a simple authentication server that will act as a token issuer, and we will use those tokens to access resources on an API. Starting from scratch, you will learn how easy token based authentication can be and will understand how to use them on your APIs as well as on the front end of your web applications.

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