illustration for Sprinkle declarative, reactive behaviour on your HTML with Alpine JS

Sprinkle declarative, reactive behaviour on your HTML with Alpine JS

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Published 3 years ago
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Welcome to this beginner level series on Alpine JS! 👋🏞

Alpine JS is a rugged, minimal framework for composing JavaScript behaviour in your markup. It brings declarative, reactive, data-driven nature of libraries like React or Vue to your HTML templates.

In this series, you will learn about Alpine's handy directives. You'll discover how to define a component scope with x-data, run code on mount with x-init, attach event listeners with x-on, display data with x-text, decide wether or not to show an element with x-show, iterate through data with x-for, retrieve a DOM element with x-ref, learn how to achieve two-way data binding with x-model, and much more.

You'll also learn how "modifiers" can be applied and chained to directives to provide additional functionality: control the animation transition of entering and leaving DOM elements, debounce an event listener, etc.

We'll also touch on what Alpine calls "magic properties", which give you access to native browser events ($event), reference to DOM elements ($refs), and more.

You'll gradually discover Alpine's API and syntax, from building simple tabs to a mini app that fetches a dog picture based on a "breed" search field. 🐶

Get ready to breathe some fresh air - it's time to walk into cool, green Alpine pastures! 🏞

Course Content

17m • 9 lessons

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