illustration for Use Grep for Fast Search from the Command Line

Use Grep for Fast Search from the Command Line


Bonnie Eisenman

24m closed-captioning
13 lessons
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Published 7 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

CMD+F in your text editor can only get you so far! In this course, we will learn to use grep and find, two powerful command-line utilities, to search through and explore our codebase. Learn to search specific files and folders, using regular expressions to look for -- or ignore! -- particular phrases. We'll cover how to search recursively, get more context on your results, and some simple tricks to make your searches faster and more targeted.

Once you're familiar with grep and find, you'll be able to quickly answer questions such as: Do I use this function anywhere other than my tests? Where does this file get imported? Whether you're working on a new feature, reading a codebase for the first time, or refactoring existing code, grep and find can help you work faster and more effectively.

Course Content

24m • 13 lessons

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