Use Objective C, Swift and Java api’s in NativeScript for Angular iOS and Android apps

Nathan Walker

Nathan Walker

Nathan Ross Walker has enjoyed the opportunity to work in the web/mobile app development arena for over 15 years. His varied background rooted in the world of design and the arts provides him a unique approach to problem solving. Spending several years working across multiple industries including entertainment, audio/video production, manufacturing, b2b marketing, communications, and technology helped establish a focused sensibility with client needs.

About the Course

NativeScript has the ability to write Objective C, Swift and Java apis directly from JavaScript and TypeScript.

In this course, we will learn how to code directly against these native api’s with NativeScript for Angular. Many libraries are written and published in these languages. With NativeScript you are no longer limited to just JavaScript based libs, but have direct access to these api’s right from JavaScript/TypeScript. Let’s look at how to include these native libraries internally to your project as well as build public plugins to share with the community.

We will cover some considerations with Objective C and Swift based libraries as well as Java/Android libraries. You can think of CocoaPod, Gradle, and Android Arsenal like npm for native libs. iOS libraries can be found via CocoaPods, Android libraries can be found via Gradle or Android Arsenal.

Let’s also cover how to write custom view components based on native libs since there are considerations for both iOS and Android. Lastly we will learn how to best handle cases where a plugin/library only supports 1 platform.