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Thomas Greco

Thomas Greco is a software developer focused on building deterministic programs with the help of the functional programming paradigm. A real self-starter, he began his tech career as a graphic designer, despite having any knowledge of the topic, but it did not take long for him to realize that he had stumbled across something that he found deeply interesting, and also had a natural talent for, which allowed him to quickly become proficient with using PhotoShop & Illustrator.

Although he still loves all aspects of both web and graphic design, Thomas' career has led to him become passionate about many different programming topics. In turn, he is continuously advocating for different techniques such as the use of TDD, or choosing object composition over class-based inheritance to. Among all of his interests, there is no doubt about the leader of the pack being category theory, and in particular, the application of its concepts to build predictable web applications.

Have a question for Thomas, or simply want to say hi? Then reach out to him on twitter @tgrecojs as he's always happy to interact with fellow programmers!

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