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    Generate and Render Angular 2 Template Elements in a Component

    John LindquistJohn Lindquist
    2 - 6

    Angular 2 Components have templates, but you can also create templates inside of your templates using Angular 2 ViewContainer’s createEmbeddedView for more visual control of how you want to generate elements inside of your Angular 2 templates.



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    00:00 There's actually a bit of a simpler way to manage all of this, if you just want to use what's called a template inside of your template. I know, it's kind of weird working, but this template means, it's something that's not going to be rendered by the DOM.

    00:13 It's just some HTML that you are going to write declaratively, and then you can reference that, and start stamping out these templates inside of your larger template, programmatically.

    00:24 We'll create a ref to this, so we can grab it. I'll save -child, get that template for me please, and I'll get a reference to that template, so that's this template here. Let's put some stuff inside of here, page two, MyAmazingTemplate, followed by MyAmazingButton. Then with that template, all I have to do is...I'll get rid of this to quit moving it around, and I'll say this.container, create embedded view, this.template.

    01:00 Let's change the text of the button to, "Create Template" hit Save. Now when this refreshes, I can start hitting this button and stamping out these templates beneath it. Every time it renders out a new template, based on this template we declared inside of our component template.