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Introducing Angular Service Injection with the Dependency Injector

Juri StrumpflohnerJuri Strumpflohner

Hi, here's a short intro to my course about Angular Services and how they use the Dependency Injector in Angular.

The goal of this Angular Service Injection with the Dependency Injector course is to learn about the various ways Angular services can be created and provided with the dependency injector. While dependency injection has a broader range of applications, in this course we will mostly focus on the Angular services part and how they make use of DI.

That includes learning what a service is about, how it can be registered with the DI mechanism. We will learn about service aliases, value providers and factory functions. Also, understanding the lifetime of a service instance and how to control it, can be fundamental for creating some more advanced Angular apps. That's also when we learn about the hierarchical nature of Angular's DI. Towards the end we'll take a look at what Angular provider shadowing is all about, and how it can cause some headache when not applied properly.

Enjoy the course!

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