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    Simplify an Angular Service using a JavaScript Object as a Value Provider

    Juri StrumpflohnerJuri Strumpflohner

    Often it might be simply easier to create the implementation out of a simple JavaScript object rather than a full blown class. That’s where value providers come in play!

    5 - 7


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    Instructor: 00:00 Often, rather than defining an entire class here for our service in Angular, it might be much simpler to simply provide a predefined JavaScript object. What we can do is, as the definition where we basically define our service, we can actually create here something like a simple logger. Which is nothing else than a JavaScript object.

    00:21 It obviously has to match the API of our logger, which we will override. We can now go here below and define that in a different kind of way. We say whenever you see something like the logger service, then use a value.

    00:43 We use the simple logger here. If you click here now on our component, you can see that our simple logger JavaScript object is being picked up, rather than a full-blown ECMAScript class.

    00:58 This one here can be moved out to dedicated file, it shouldn't be defined inline here in that app module.