Angular Material: Adaptive Layouts

InstructorThomas Burleson

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Both flexbox CSS and the Angular Material Layout allow web applications to respond to the size of the browser at any given point. No matter what the browser width may be, the web app adjusts its layout sizing accordingly. Combine responsive functionality with media query support and your web applications will have adaptive features to adapt to the width of the browser at a specific points. More than fluidly adjusting the widths and heights of elements, Adaptive applications can change the rendered UX with new positions, new components, and new styles. Angular Material Layout hides the complexities of implementing adaptive features with a singularly unique and simple HTML syntax. Let’s use the Adaptive extensions of the Angular Material API to hide the SideNav on small devices (like iPhone or Android). We will explore the use of the $mdMedia service to easily lock open the SideNav on larger devices. And we will see how the $mdSideNav service can be used to programmatically close the SideNav after a user is selected.

This course presented by Thomas Burleson and Aaron Frost.