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    Introduction to Building an AngularJS App


    In this lesson, we introduce our sample AngularJS application and discuss our objectives for this series.



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    Lukas Ruebbelke: Hello, this is Lukas Ruebbelke, and I want to introduce a new series that I'm starting, where we are going to learn how to build an AngularJS application from the ground up.

    We are literally going to start with a blank JavaScript file, and a completely static HTML file. Through a series of steps, we are going to go from this basic HTML page and build it up to where it is a fully functional AngularJS application called Eggly, where you can essentially create, read, update and delete, in other words manage, your bookmarks.

    For instance, if I click this, it will go to the site, but I can also click and I can edit it. I can delete it. We can click and sort our bookmarks by categories.

    We are going to start from scratch, and we're going to build it up piece by piece. The first thing we're going to do is bootstrap AngularJS, then we're going to focus on the views and the controllers, and add in the functionality.

    From there we're going to start to look at sub-modules and services, and how to put those together so that your application can scale. We're going to look at how to handle complex state management using UI-router, and from there we're going to get into some fun things, like animations and directives, and then even testing. The sky is the limit.

    But for the first part of this, we are going to focus on getting started with AngularJS, and how to add in functionality using views and controllers. I'm super excited to start this series with you, and I look forward to seeing you on the following videos. See you soon.