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    Introduction to ui-router
    AngularJS Joel Hooks 4:35
    AngularJS Architecture: ui-router state params for sharing information P
    AngularJS Lukas Ruebbelke 4:53
    ui-router: Activating States
    AngularJS Tim Kindberg 4:04
    AngularJS Architecture: Using ui-router's named views P
    AngularJS Lukas Ruebbelke 8:03
    Introduction to ui-router
    AngularJS Joel Hooks 4:35
    ui-router: Abstract States P
    AngularJS Tim Kindberg 3:17
    Consistency between ui-router states and Angular directives P
    AngularJS John Lindquist 4:40

ui-router Named Views

6:38 AngularJS lesson by

The ui-router library for AngularJS provides the ability to name views within your application. This is useful for dividing up your application into sections, and changing the content of a section based on the current state.

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