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    Course Overview: Develop a Serverless Backend using Node.js on AWS Lambda

    Nik GrafNik Graf

    This introduction provides some insights what serverless is about and walks you through an overview of the course's content.



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    Instructor: Serverless is all about giving you more time to work on a product. The outsourcing infrastructure management to cloud providers, it aims to reduce operational complexity and cost. At its core, serverless architecture sees function as a service, or short, FaaS.

    These are ephemeral containers that autoscale and have a pay-per-execution pricing. You don't need to maintain the service hosting your functions, since your cloud provider is taking care of that.

    Since computing alone doesn't cut it, the second piece are other services that you configure to offer you storage, messaging, API proxies, and so on. Same as with your functions, at no point you need to maintain the server infrastructure.

    The goal of this course is to give you a hands-on introduction to building a serverless back end on AWS. Our code will be written in Node.js, and as build and deploy tool, we're going to use the serverless framework.

    The back end we are going to build is an HTTP API that stores and retrieves data. I hope this course is helpful to you, and I'm looking forward to hear about the serverless applications you plan to build.