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    Create a User and setup the AWS CLI to interact with AWS

    Nik GrafNik Graf

    In order to configure any AWS service we first need to create a user that has enough permissions. Using the AWS CLI we can configure our local environment to interact with AWS APIs.



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    Instructor: In order to interact with AWS from a computer, we need to get an access and a secret key with the necessary permissions to deploy an application. To get these keys, we visit the AWS console and switch to the identity and access management.

    Here, we create the new user which we're going to call "deployer." Feel free to choose any name that you prefer. Make sure to enable programmatic access and then move on to the next step.

    Depending on which service you want to use, you can attach only the needed policies. For my demo account, I want to be able to experiment a lot and therefore give the user administrator access.

    We confirm. Now we see the keys. In order to store them on our system, we install the AWS CLI. Once finished, we have AWS available. We can run AWS configure. It asks us for our keys. Once we've pasted them into our terminal, we're good to go.